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  • Toquaht transitions

    Toquaht Bay kayak launch

    A kayak facility is just one part of the changes this year for Barkley Sound.

  • Monkeying around in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica monkey on a kayak

    Our landing was cut short, the final approach to the airstrip interrupted somehow. The pilot looped back around Drake Bay while apologizing to us, the only two passengers in the 12-seater plane, but we didn’t mind. It gave us an unexpected second chance for a bird’s eye view of the Costa Rican shoreline.

  • The call to Kootznoowoo

    I grew up in Juneau, Alaska, isolated from the rest of the civilized world by 1,500 square miles of glaciers to the north and east. To the south and west were mountainous islands and beyond that, the open Pacific. 


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