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  • Outer route gets audit by kayakers

    BC coast outer route

    If the Northern Gateway Project goes ahead, and there’s every likelihood it will, the eastern shore of Hecate Strait may bear the brunt of a large oil spill.

  • Cottonwoods and canyons

    Kayaking Montana

    The familiar flat prairie slides by hour after hour as I drive until the vegetation speaks of a hotter, drier place.  Sage brush dots the rangeland more profusely, its bluish- green hue a testimony to the area’s aridity. Eventually the Bear Paw Mountains appear, perched on the end of the earth far to the south, their peaks brushing the clouds.

  • Exploring Fiji by kayak

    The sound of raindrops on the tent stops. I unzip the fly to release the stifling heat and gaze up at countless stars twinkling in the darkest of skies. My toes curl into the damp sand as my skin tingles with the refreshing breeze rustling the palm fronds overhead. To the east, lightning illuminates towering cumulonimbus clouds. In the channel just offshore, lights from drift divers streak upwards from the depths. Microscopic plankton flash their bioluminescence as gentle waves lap onto the beach. I am lost in the moment.


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