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  • Small wonders

    Reading about trips to remote parts of the world may be inspiring, but for most of us such demanding destinations aren’t an option. Instead, we’ll meander sheltered waterways, explore little islands and probably have a lunch on a pleasant beach with maybe a walk somewhere – usually within a day’s travel of home. You may not even want to take a tent.

  • Desolation, the Copeland way

    Copeland Islands marine park

    Copeland Islands are a candidate for the ‘best sunset in BC’ category, assuming that such a category exists. Is it the proximity to Vancouver’s smog that creates scenes like these, or is it a more natural phenomenon? Either way it makes for a wonderful end to a day.

  • A sign of progress

    Musgrave Point campsite

    How many readers of Coast & Kayak Magazine remember attending the BC Marine Trails grand opening during the Vancouver Island Paddlefest in 2011? 


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