In the News

  • Race to head from Port Townsend to Ketchikan


    It's called R2AK, the race to Alaska, and the first there will collect a $10,000 prize.

  • Wisconsin adds to water trail system

    Point Beach water trail campsite

    TWO RIVERS, Wis. - The Lake Michigan Water Trail has two new water-access kayak campsites at Point Beach State Forest, a breakthrough in helping develop what will be the longest continuous loop freshwater sea kayaking trail in the world.


Brush up on your skills

  • Learning to deal with the wind

    Kayaking in wind

    Wind will do what it wants when it wants, but how you choose to approach it can make all the difference.

  • The low brace

     Low brace

    No matter how good your balance is, sometimes you will lose it. A brace is a stroke used to recover when you’ve been thrown off balance, or used in anticipation of potentially losing balance. 

  • Aim off

    Rounding Brooks Peninsula by kayak

    Set your course dead ahead? No! Aim off


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This week's featured videos

Discover a world of destinations

  • Penguins, history and ice

    Kayaking Antarctica

    The three pillars of an Antarctic odyssey

  • Baja: Three perspectives: Perspective Three

     Kayaking Baja Mexico

    The oncoming car was flashing its lights. I assumed that this was the usual friendly warning about a cow on the road ahead. As I crested the next hill, I saw a transport truck coming my way in the wrong lane. Fortunately I found a small pullout between the road and the cliff. 

  • Touched by whales

    San Ignacio Lagoon whale encounter

    I like to pick a spot and fix my gaze there as rostrums of all shapes and sizes poke slowly above the water, taking that first look around for the day. Vertical bodies begin to rise out of the water then gently slip back below as whales spyhop and occasionally breach.



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