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  • The hand of god

    Hand of god rescue

    The “Hand of God” is a rather extravagantly named rescue that is very effective when aiding an unconscious or injured paddler who is unable to exit their capsized kayak. Because it’s quick and keeps the paddler in their boat (which reduces the stress and fatigue that swimming would impart), it’s also a terrific general-purpose rescue for instructors and guides coaching beginners in easy conditions.

  • Pick a kayak, any kayak

    How to buy a kayak

     When buying, a game plan helps. Here are some hints on how to navigate the options.

  • Take a side seat

    Cormorants on Mitlenatch Island

    If you’re looking for a bit of extra stability when stepping into your kayak, the side entry is worth a try.


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  • The Belle islets

    Georgeson Island

    There was a brief moment of adjustment for many kayakers when the Gulf Islands National Park reserve decreed camping wouldn’t be allowed on the many islets under the new national park’s care.

  • Where trail meets water

    Jervis Inlet

    Trip planning for the Sunshine Coast: The Sunshine Coast Trail

  • Exploring Crete by kayak

    Kayaking Crete

    A breath of fresh air filled my lungs as I hopped from the dusty rental van into the Cretan sunshine. The afternoon sun beamed through the shade of palms as I grabbed my bags and headed into town through the crooked, painted streets of Matala, Greece. It was October, mid-afternoon, and the temperature was around 25°C. Making my way past trinket shops, tavernas, pottery shops, bakeries and jewelers, I located the hotel I’d call home for the next few nights. Just a few minutes walk from the Libyan sea, it would serve as the base for a week-long sea kayaking trip I’d been assigned to guide.



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