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  • Exploring Fiji by kayak

    The sound of raindrops on the tent stops. I unzip the fly to release the stifling heat and gaze up at countless stars twinkling in the darkest of skies. My toes curl into the damp sand as my skin tingles with the refreshing breeze rustling the palm fronds overhead. To the east, lightning illuminates towering cumulonimbus clouds. In the channel just offshore, lights from drift divers streak upwards from the depths. Microscopic plankton flash their bioluminescence as gentle waves lap onto the beach. I am lost in the moment.

  • The postage stamp park

    Sechelt Inlet Marine Park

    Trip planning: Sechelt Inlet Marine Park

  • Leaving it all behind

    The faint glow of the moon shining over the ocean was the only thing to disturb the darkness. We paddled blindly, threading a line between the flickering moonlight and the rumbling surf. Inching closer to a small sandy beach, I bobbed nervously on the erratic swell, trying to time the sets. After some bigger waves passed I paused for a moment, then surfed in through the darkness, bouncing sideways towards land. 


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