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  • Island affairs (then and now)

    Sleeping Tom

    Tom, who wouldn’t move unless I followed, lay down and rested his head on mine. Though small in relation to the rest of his body, it was too heavy for my comfort so I shifted it gently. Content he sprawled out on his side, placed his forepaws on my neck, and went to sleep purring.

  • A sign of progress

    Musgrave Point campsite

    How many readers of Coast & Kayak Magazine remember attending the BC Marine Trails grand opening during the Vancouver Island Paddlefest in 2011? 

  • Cottonwoods and canyons

    Kayaking Montana

    The familiar flat prairie slides by hour after hour as I drive until the vegetation speaks of a hotter, drier place.  Sage brush dots the rangeland more profusely, its bluish- green hue a testimony to the area’s aridity. Eventually the Bear Paw Mountains appear, perched on the end of the earth far to the south, their peaks brushing the clouds.


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