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  • A sign of progress

    Musgrave Point campsite

    How many readers of Coast & Kayak Magazine remember attending the BC Marine Trails grand opening during the Vancouver Island Paddlefest in 2011? 

  • Desolation, the Copeland way

    Copeland Islands marine park

    Copeland Islands are a candidate for the ‘best sunset in BC’ category, assuming that such a category exists. Is it the proximity to Vancouver’s smog that creates scenes like these, or is it a more natural phenomenon? Either way it makes for a wonderful end to a day.

  • Baja: Three perspectives: Perspective Two

    Kayaking Baja

    Day 24: Leah and I left the Rio Mulegé and started paddling directly across to Punta Concepción, a distance of seven nautical miles. And why not? It was calm with a gentle swell – a beautiful day. We had just spent the last three nights in Mulegé waiting out a norte wind and we were feeling excited to be on the water again so close to our goal, Loreto. 


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