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  • Avoiding summer chills

    Kayaking in calm weather

    A cool, calm, overcast morning is perfect for a paddle – if you can stay warm.  A long-sleeve base and additional layers as needed ending with a jacket will keep the chills at bay until the day warms up.

  • The hand of god

    Hand of god rescue

    The “Hand of God” is a rather extravagantly named rescue that is very effective when aiding an unconscious or injured paddler who is unable to exit their capsized kayak. Because it’s quick and keeps the paddler in their boat (which reduces the stress and fatigue that swimming would impart), it’s also a terrific general-purpose rescue for instructors and guides coaching beginners in easy conditions.

  • Transitions at sea

    Rough water paddling

    A hard lesson learned from moody waters.


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  • Where trail meets water

    Jervis Inlet

    Trip planning for the Sunshine Coast: The Sunshine Coast Trail

  • Desolation, the Copeland way

    Copeland Islands marine park

    Copeland Islands are a candidate for the ‘best sunset in BC’ category, assuming that such a category exists. Is it the proximity to Vancouver’s smog that creates scenes like these, or is it a more natural phenomenon? Either way it makes for a wonderful end to a day.

  • Monkeying around in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica monkey on a kayak

    Our landing was cut short, the final approach to the airstrip interrupted somehow. The pilot looped back around Drake Bay while apologizing to us, the only two passengers in the 12-seater plane, but we didn’t mind. It gave us an unexpected second chance for a bird’s eye view of the Costa Rican shoreline.



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