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  • Crossings: A case study in Baja

     Long-distance kayak crossings

    A look at what’s involved in long open water stretches. A sidebar to the article "Crossings."

  • The sweep roll

    Nothing will help move your paddling skills to the next level like a dependable roll.

  • Boom or bust

    Encountering a boomer

    Paddling in four-metre seas is hair-raising at the best of times; doing so while navigating your sea kayak through a rock garden where submerged rocks only occasionally show themselves will quickly eat away at your self-confidence. 


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Discover a world of destinations

  • Monkeying around in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica monkey on a kayak

    Our landing was cut short, the final approach to the airstrip interrupted somehow. The pilot looped back around Drake Bay while apologizing to us, the only two passengers in the 12-seater plane, but we didn’t mind. It gave us an unexpected second chance for a bird’s eye view of the Costa Rican shoreline.

  • Penguins, history and ice

    Kayaking Antarctica

    The three pillars of an Antarctic odyssey

  • Misty miles

    Kayaking Haida Gwaii

    They say every seventh wave is the largest; those must have been the ones that slopped over the bow of my kayak and slid off my sprayskirt when my timing wasn’t spot on.



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