Navigation aids

The following is a selection of links designed to help you navigate both land and water. Please email us if you find a broken link.

Tide and Water Levels

Canadian Tide and Current Tables - The official Fisheries and Oceans Canada page.

Natonial Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - A U.S. service with lots of current predictions for British Columbia coastal waters not included in the Fisheries and Oceans Canada inventory.

General Tide Height & Current Tables

The Idaho Department of Water Resources is now supplying river flow information via a list server in addition to their telephone recording. To subscribe send SUBSCRIBE FLOWS in the body of an e-mail message to

National Wetlands Inventory - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Pat Welch's Water Levels Page

Tidal Prediction Resource Page for British Columbia

Water Conditions - U.S. Geological Survey

Winds and Weather

Beaufort Wind Scale - from Jim Croft

Environment Canada Weather (by province)

Lighthouse reports

National Weather Service

National Weather Service (River Flows) - Scroll down half of a page to get to the river flows

UCSD Daily Weather, Surf, and Traffic, California

Univ. Washington Atmospheric Sciences

Weather & Climate Images